About YLC

Young Leaders Connect seeks to develop greater awareness and understanding essentially through ‘connect’ ‘exchange” and ‘strengthen’ of issues that affect political, social, and economic development of our country-viz-a –viz the Northeast, from young leaders’ perspective.

The conclave brings together young leaders from the Northeast India, to connect with themselves, and in the process bring policy makers, strategists, entrepreneurs, professionals, members of academia and students on a common platform.

The conclave make young leaders interact with each other in the fields of youth employment , education, governance and  sports and entertainment , which will not only enhance contact between the young leaders  and provide an opportunity to exchange views and opinions and build network,   but also be a stepping stone for carving long lasting association and friendship.

The conclave offer the opportunity to compare and exchange best practices so as to create new benchmarks in an evolving society. The participant discuss and deliberate on the shifting paradigms in Mainland -Northeast relations and challenges to change perceptions and gain new perspectives. In the years to come our aim is to go beyond dialogue and towards deliverable goals applicable in a national and regional setting.

Young Leader’s Connect seeks to establish a powerful NETWORK of like-minded young leaders, with a desire for better India of tomorrow, which will strengthen us in playing a vital role in paradigm shifting and contribute towards building a vibrant economy, strong government, and common cultural identity.